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Selection of glistening Chandeliers & globes to create the most luxe vibe in so many places... your choice!


  • A selection of stunning chandeliers to have in varying situations, in clusters hung from the beams of the estrade, above the dining tables, above an arched aisle or above a central top table are just a few ideas! Our singular centrpiece chandelier looks sensational hung in an arch for your ceremony, above the top table or as a backdrop to your cake or champagne table... it is over 1 mtr high! These will be lit with led candles at night. 

    Prices range are Large Gold Globe (50cm) €40 (4 available), Medium Silver Globe (40cm) €35 (8 available), Crackle white 8 arm chandelier 64cm wide x 48cm high €50 (8 available), Centre peice statement chandelier 1 metre high €80 (1 available)

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